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Element Professional Series drums represent the pinnacle in electronic drumming. Combining the 100% birch wood shell, Accu-Track sensors, and FRH head technologies. The sum of these "Elements" achieve a playing experience that has the feel and look of acoustic drums. 

Element Series electronic drums allow the drummer to explore beyond the obvious reason for electronic drums: reduced volume. New tonal palettes are available to the drummer that now can be played with nuance, dynamics and feel. 

Element Series kits are complete drum kits that are available in 4 to 7 piece configurations in 8 high gloss natural wood finishes that include:





Hybrid Kits

Enrique Platas Element I Hybrid Kit
Hybrid kit 1
Enrique Platas Kit
Element I hybrid
Element I hybrid kit in carbon
hybrid starter pack
Hybrid pack

Hybrid drumming is the merging of acoustic and electronic drums. By using the Element Series drums, there is no longer a change in dynamics, feel and texture when playing on each drum. 

Hybrid kits are based on the Element Series and are available in the same 4 high gloss natural wood finishes to make matching to your acoustic kit easier.

Hybrid kits come in different configurations: from a single drum to multiple drums, with or without module and hardware. 

Shell Packs

MDES2-4-SPK-Iridium Burst

Shell packs are the foundation of the drumming experience. Element 2 Series shell packs allow you to create a kit based on your needs, allowing you to add hardware, module, or cymbals of your choice.

Shell packs are available in 4 to 7 piece configurations.

Each tom comes with its own mount arm that is standard 7/8" diameter, ready to be mounted on your rack system, tom mount, or clamp.

Element Series Drum Finishes:


Our Element Series Drums are made with high gloss lacquer finishes. The beauty of the birch wood is brought out in these finishes and the result is what we at Muzzio Drums strive for: a drum that not only plays well, but is visually striking, because they are real wood drums!


Element I Series Finishes

Element Series Drums Specifications

Kick Drums: 

  • 100% all birch 6-ply shell

  • High gloss wood finish

  • 3-ply woven drum head

  • Accu-Track single sensor system

  • Telescopic chrome bass drum spurs

  • Heavy duty bass drum pedal mounting system

  • Triple flanged hoops

  • All chrome lugs

  • Engraved metal badge

  • 1/4" TS Output jack 

  • Compatible with most available modules


14_ Vanadium
14_ Special
14_ Selenium fade
14_ Beryillium
14_ Purple Special
14_ Cobalt
14_ Antimony Fade
14_ Argon
13_ Phosphorus
13_ Selenium
14_ Iridium
13_ Iridium Fade
13_ Antimony
13_ Carbon

Snare Drums: 

  • 100% all birch 6-ply shell

  • High gloss wood finish

  • 3-ply woven drum head

  • Accu-Track dual sensor system - head & rim 

  • Triple flanged hoops

  • All chrome lugs

  • Engraved metal badge

  • 1/4" TRS Output jack 

  • Compatible with most available modules



  • 100% all birch 6-ply shell

  • High gloss wood finish

  • 3-ply woven drum head

  • Accu-Track single sensor system

  • Heavy duty mounting system

  • Triple flanged hoops

  • All chrome lugs

  • Engraved metal badge

  • 1/4" TRS Output jack 

  • Compatible with most available modules


14_ Tellurium
14_ Vanadium
14_ Beryillium
14_ Argon
12_ Iridium
12_ Phosphorus
12_ Beryilium
12_ Carbon
12_ Antimony
10_ Telleruim
10_ Selenium
10_ Beryllium
10_ Iridium Burst
8_ Phosphorus
8_ Tellurium
8_ Vanadium
8_ Xenon
Drum Specifications Chart

All drums come with 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.


Specifications subject to change without prior notification.

Technical Information

At Muzzio Drums, every aspect of the drum is considered - from the shell to the mounting system. The design reflects the passion of drummers who not only want to play a great feeling kit, but one that looks like an acoustic kit. 

It all starts with the shell…

Each drum is made from 100% birch shell. The staggered seam construction allows the shell to remain true round. The grain on the birch shell is beautiful and, once stained and lacquered, produces an incredible finish.


45º bearing edges are used to ensure proper seating of the drumhead All shells 6-Ply & 6 mm thick

Drum Shells

The Accu-Track Sensor System is employed to accurately produce each stroke. From subtle ghost notes to driving rock patterns, Accu-Track reproduces your performance while you are playing in any position - from the center to the edge of the head.


 Accu-Track is designed to work with any sound module or Trigger to MIDI interface (TMI).



Sensor Technology
Drum Hardware

With triple flanged hoops, chrome lugs and a detailed mounting system, the design reflects the Muzzio Drums philosophy of looks, strength, durability and functionality. 

Head Technology



Utilizing a unique four-layer technique by combining two types of woven material in three layers, and a forth layer that does not allow air to pass, makes it possible to generate a head that is quiet and at the same time has a real feel.


Most common electronic drum heads are either based on rubber or mesh-style heads. Rubber based heads are not only loud, but also have a stick response that resembles playing a practice pad rather than a real drum. Single or two-ply mesh heads, although quieter, have a "springy" effect that produce too much bounce, and again do not have the feel of a real acoustic drum.


* (Patented)

Drum Capability

The element 2 Series drums are designed to be compatible with most available drum modules. With the sensor system and circuit design, compatibility is ensured for past, present, and future drum modules. Below is a list of manufactures the Element 2 series has been tested on:

ATV - aD5
Alesis - All Modules
Roland - All Modules
dDrum - All Modules
Clavia (dDrum) - Not tested 
2Box - All
Yamaha - All 

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Enrique Platas Element I Hybrid Kit

Custom Electronic acoustic percussion hydrid kit