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Time. Rhythm. Feel.

About Muzzio Drums


Muzzio Drums is comprised of both musicians and engineers. While sharing a passion for the art and technical side of music, it became apparent to us that playing electronic drums lacked the feel and performance of acoustic drums. The experience was non-fulfilling and failed to inspire. This is what drove us to create Muzzio Drums!


We have been experimenting with electronic drums since the early Simmons analog days and have been involved in the advancement that electronic drums have made over the years. Technology has enabled us to start using real drum samples, resulting in improvement in dynamics and response. This is a part of the evolution of electronic drums. 


Here at Muzzio Drums, we saw a need for electronic drums to keep evolving and we were striving for the same feel and satisfaction of playing acoustic drums. Along with sensitivity and dynamics, we also wanted to make drums that have the look of acoustic drums. What better way to accomplish that than to make them out of real wood shells and give them real wood finishes.


Muzzio Drums has a passion for playing and creating musical instruments. Over the years we will continue to evolve electronic drums and drumming. 


Welcome to the Next Step In Drum Evolution...

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