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Hybrid Drums

Hybrid Drums

The union of Electronic and acoustic drums and percussion.

Hybrid drumming has been around for quite some time. The ability for a drummer to add a playing surface to an acoustic that can played sampled drum sounds can be quite powerful.

As with so many other things related to electronic drums, similar technology has been used for many years. As we explore different approaches and music styles, the Hybrid solution needs to evolve. 

At Muzzio Drums, we are exploring different technologies, and approaches that will allow the drummer to express themselves in a more musical nature

Hybrid Drumming: Acoustic Meets Electronic

Adding the Hybrid Fusion drums to any acoustic kit expands the possibilities of available tones and musical situations.

The left image shows and example of how electronic drums can be added to an acoustic kit for either live or studio situations.

This setup, and others like it, can greatly expand the tonal palette of the drummer for a variety of musical situations. 

Hybrid Electronic-Acoustic Drumming



Muzzio Drums Hybrid drums are based on the Element Series. 100% Birch shells

Hybrid Series are available in the following Sizes:

8" Diameter x 4" Depth

10" Diameter x 4" Depth

12" Diameter x 4" Depth

Hybrid Series Drums are available in various configurations 

  • Starter shell packs

  • 2) Drums on stand in sizes of 8",10",12"

  • 2) Drums on stand with Module

For additional Configurations

Please contact us

Available in the following high gloss wood finishes

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