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MX series is a progression of the Element Series drums

Using full size drums, and beautiful finishes, makes these electronic drums stand out. 

The MX series is a limited run series.

Uses the advanced sensor array of Element 2 series all toms and snares are dual trigger systems! Accurate and sensitive. Combine that with the FRH head system to get a truly acoustic experience on an electronic kit. 

Compatable with all modules*

Trigger files for Pearl Mimic Pro, Strike Pro, ATV aD5, Yamaha DTX are available.


  • 5 Piece: 22 Kick, 14 Snare, 10,12 Toms, 14 Floor Tom
  • 6 Piece 22 Kick, 14 Snare, 10,12 Toms, 14,16 Floor Toms
  • 7 Piece 22 Kick, 14 Snare, 8,10,12 Toms, 14,16 Floor Toms

Sizes are:

  • 22x18 Kick
  • 14x5 Snare
  • 8x7 Tom
  • 10x8 Tom
  • 12x9 Tom
  • 14x14 Floor Tom
  • 16x16 Floor Tom

3 Incredible Finishes 

  • Ionic Maple 
  • Ionic Red Maple
  • Ionic Abolone 


* Older Yamaha modules do not support side stick

MX Series Drums

Drum Finish : Ionic Maple
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